“I've been wanting to do this for a while but didn't really think I was beautiful or sexy enough to look good in photos. After 4 children and the scars that they brought, I was not confident in myself and my body. I decided to do this for 2 reasons.....my wedding anniversary is coming up and I wanted to surprise my husband with something sexy as a present and secondly, because I needed to see myself through someone else's eyes and believe that I am still beautiful. I love you work Steph. It is sexy and hot whilst still being classic, elegant and beautifully composed and captured. During the shoot I made an effort to release all my inhibitions and feelings about my body, and just let loose.  I had a lot of fun.  You helped me feel comfortable in my skin, directed me gently but effectively with how best to pose and were very in tune with the results I was hoping to achieve.It was so much fun, relaxed and empowering as a woman and a mother to do something for me. I’m so glad that I overcame my own inhibitions to get in front of the camera and feel sexy and beautiful for once!!”

"OH.MY.GOD!!!!!!!  These images are insane!! I can't believe thats me!! I absolutely adore every single image!! Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH.  I've been feeling a lot more at home in my skin after the shoot, after having my son and the changes that your body (and whole life) go through. I can't tell you how liberating and confidence boosting it has been to see and feel like 'me' again. And now seeing the images - I hope my head is still going to fit through doors!!! Haha.  I think every mum struggles a little bit to accept their new skin but this whole experience has shown me that even though my body has changed, it's still beautiful. And even though my life has changed, and I spend most days with no makeup on and covered in baby food or worse, I still have this side of myself. That version of me isn't gone. You really are offering more than photos, you're showing and reminding women how magnificent they are, and that filters through to every aspect of their life - I can feel it in how I'm walking, how I'm talking to myself. Everything! Thank you for being so amazing Steph, a few people asked me if I was nervous or felt awkward and honestly I thought I would be but I wasn't - you are so lovely and relaxed it just felt like hanging out with a friend"

"Steph's gentleness, direction and constant compliments produced some amazing shots. All I can say is WOW! So... whilst I respect women are inspired to get shots done for their partners... from the bottom of my heart I encourage you to consider doing something like this FOR YOU. I tell you, after being single for many years, I feel more like a woman today than I think I ever have.  A HUGE THANK YOU to you Steph and the work you do in helping us for fall back in love with ourselves."

"My boudoir shoot experience was AMAZING!  I must admit I was a little nervous about booking, but I wanted to embrace and celebrate my body, being on the curvier side. During the shoot, I felt comfortable and confident. The guidance and support you give throughout is fantastic. Your words were so encouraging and confidence boosting. All the emails leading up to the shoot are also extremely helpful.  To anyone considering doing a boudoir shoot, all I can say is DO IT... but do it with Steph. You won't regret it!"

“I have been doing a happy dance nonstop since I saw my photos. I can't believe that's me! I have never felt more beautiful than I did in front of Steph's camera. It was an absolute blast and you leave with a spring in your step. I would highly recommend Steph to everyone.  The whole experience was AMAZING! It was so much fun, Steph made me feel so wonderful and comfortable. I wish it never ended.  Hopefully I'll get to do another one with her soon.  I just love my images so much. I want to hang them on the trees around my neighbourhood!" 

"My boudoir shoot felt like a rite of passage to me. As someone who has always struggled to feel sexy, my shoot was an incredible experience. From going shopping for lingerie, to getting my hair and makeup done, and then working with Steph to create looks that made me feel sexy, I loved every second. If you are considering it, do it! Do it for you!" 

"I’m a photographer and I’ve been following your work for years and fell in love. It wasn't something I ever thought about doing until I seen your work and thought it would be a great idea for my husbands birthday present. When I found out you were in Brisbane I was devastated, as I'm in Sydney.  So I did some research into other boudoir photographers around my area, and nothing compared.  I was so exited to see that you were coming to Sydney again, that I booked straight away!  My experience with Steph was exactly how all her past clients described it.... Easy going, relaxed, and fun! She was so thorough with every aspect of my shoot right down to tricks and tips to practice on how to pose before the shoot, but even then her direction during the shoot is so easy to follow. I never felt uncomfortable, self conscious or aware I was walking around with lingerie in for hours.  From the moment I booked, I felt completely looked after. Thank you so much for the amazing experience!”

"Steph you are just lovely and easy to talk to, even though I am not the most talkative person. I didn't feel arkward being half naked, it was just like you knew exactly how to make my body look great in a photo and I trusted you. You're just a woman and I am too, and we all have the same but different body, and there really isn't anything to be embarrassed about. I realize that now. The experience was really just quite easy, and fun, you helped so much with guiding me how to pose! I look at my photos and think "Oh, thats what other people see, I do have a beautiful body." Any women considering doing a boudoir shoot, do it for yourself. I just think why not. I think it's so freeing. To get out of you head and your opinions of the way you look. See the way you look and realize how beautiful you really are!"

“Love love love my photos, you’ve done such an incredible job, I really can’t thank you enough. I’ll treasure these photos forever, I’m so glad I decided to book in with you for my shoot.”

“WWWWOOOOW! OMG I am in love with them all! You did a great job. Couldn’t be happier, have a massive smile across my face looking at these.”

“Thank you so much for my beautiful album, I LOVE it!!  I cant wait to give it to my partner.  Im sure he is going to be very happy!!  Thank you so much!! You made me feel very beautiful and sexy!”

“Thank you so much. The images are absolutely gorgeous and thank you for also making my whole experience so enjoyable.”

“Wow! You are an absolute genius! They are beautiful! Thank you so very much. I LOVE THEM! It’s just perfect, exactly what I was after.  Thank you so much. You will definitely remain my photographer for all things going forward!”

“I was a little bit nervous about doing a Boudoir photo shoot, but now that the experience is over, I am so happy that I did it, and even happier that I chose Steph as my photographer! She was so helpful leading up to the shoot – providing inspirational images, and advice on how to prepare myself and what to wear. Then when the day of the shoot came, from the moment I arrived at the shoot Stephanie made me feel so relaxed and confident in front of the camera – giving me great direction on how to pose, how to make my body look as sexy as possible and accentuate my assets – all of my nerves melted away and it was a really fun day! The best part of all was when I got to see the results! My goodness – at first I couldn’t even believe the photos were me they were so sexy and glamorous – what an incredible confidence boost it is to see just how beautiful you are through someone else’s eyes! I could not have been happier with my images – they exceeded my wildest expectations! The whole experience was fantastic, from start to finish, and I will be recommending Steph to everyone I know”

“My new husband absolutely LOVED the surprise which made it all the more worth it!  You were so lovely and made it so easy and relaxed, thank you so much!”

“Thank you for doing such a beautiful job! Everything was so beautifully presented.  We’re both really happy and I will be back again for sure!”

"To anyone considering doing a boudoir shoot... absolutely go for it! You will feel beautiful and sexy, but relaxed at the same time. Treating yourself is something not a lot of women do, but this is something that should be done at least once in your life! You will feel amazing!"