Brisbane Boudoir Photography ~ Miss E

“I would recommend anyone and everyone to get into contact with Steph to have a boudoir experience! I was nervous the weeks leading up to my shoot but then became excited and couldn't wait the few days leading up to it. Steph's home studio environment is fantastic. Steph makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. She is incredibly talented at what she does and makes you feel incredible before, during and after the shoot. I left with a changed perspective on how I view myself which is amazing! The photos are all stunning. I will be definitely doing another boudoir session in the years to come. Thank you Steph!! It was all over an phenomenal experience.”

Don't you want to feel just like this gorgeous woman?  Well you can!  

As women, we doubt ourselves and what we are capable of.  We do not leap at the chance to be the woman who turns heads.  We shy away from opportunities that make us feel good, feel empowered and confident.   Don’t you think it’s about time we changed that?


Take the leap and get in touch NOW to book your own empowering and liberating boudoir photography experience.

Brisbane Boudoir Photography ~ Miss K

This gorgeous woman and mum of two recently graced my studio for her boudoir shoot, and shined bright in front of my camera.

“Steph is amazing at what she does. You do not need to know what to do, as she is a fantastic guide for both prepping and directing during photos. She makes you feel so comfortable and beautiful. The studio is so luxurious and clean with a huge variety of options for your photos. Great value for the amount of time and photo opportunities you get. Highly recommend!”

Is it time you booked your own confidence boosting, empowering experience?  Get in touch with me here and we can make this happen :)

Brisbane Boudoir Photography ~ Miss W

The pressure is always slightly more on when I shoot other photographers and their partners.  It's such a wonderful privilege and I love that other photographers trust me to step in front in front of my camera and capture them.

This beautiful woman recently decided to surprise her husband with her boudoir shoot, and the results speak for themselves!  But in her own words: "OH MY GOD, THEY'RE AMAZING!! I AM SPEECHLESS! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

I have no doubt her partner was equally blown away.  Do you have a special occasion coming up, or is this something you've always just wanted to do for yourself?  Either way... get in touch and we can start planning your dream shoot together and you too can feel like a goddess!