Brisbane Boudoir Photographer ~ Miss G

Mother, Grandmother... and killing it!  What a QUEEN!

This beautiful woman came into her shoot nervous, as most of my clients do.  Not because she had to get undressed down to her lingerie... but because she said she had never had a beautiful photo taken of her in 50 years.  Well....  I think it's safe to say she does now :)

And don't we all deserve to have beautiful photos of ourselves?  To have a confidence boosting experience and show yourself some love?

I would be honoured to capture these gorgeous and intimate photos for you as well.  Send me an email to or get in touch here and we can start planning your dream shoot!

Brisbane Boudoir Photographer ~ Miss P

When your clients say it better than you do... In the words of Miss P....

"OMG you are amazing – I love the images!! Thank you so much for such a positive and enjoyable experience – I was so nervous when I arrived by those nerves soon disappeared and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!  Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and making it fun!!  It is so true what previous clients have said - you end up having to be told to put your clothes back on... 😂   I did this shoot as a gift for hubby for our 10th Wedding Anniversary - not only will he get a lovely surprise but I have walked away feeling proud of myself (for stepping outside my comfort zone) and more confident than ever!!"

Is it time you booked your own confidence boosting, empowering experience?  Get in touch with me here and we can make this happen :)

Brisbane Boudoir Photography ~ Miss F

No matter what shape or size we are, each one of us have our own insecurities, but doing a boudoir session doesn't mean those things will be on display. I work with you before your shoot to talk about what outfits will flatter you, and pose with you during your shoot to show off your beautiful face and best assets! I will be posing right next to you, get on the bed with you, and roll around on the floor. I don't expect you to come in knowing how to be sexy or how to show off your amazing curves. It's not every day you ladies do something so intimate, sexy and outside of our comfort zones. But I promise I will not leave you wondering what to do. 


Miss F rocked her pre-wedding boudoir shoot and gave her husband-to-be the ultimate gift on their wedding day... the gift of her <3


No matter what your occasion or reason, get in touch, reach out, and we can start planning your dream boudoir shoot together!