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Brisbane Boudoir Photography ~ Miss W

The pressure is always slightly more on when I shoot other photographers and their partners.  It's such a wonderful privilege and I love that other photographers trust me to step in front in front of my camera and capture them.

This beautiful woman recently decided to surprise her husband with her boudoir shoot, and the results speak for themselves!  But in her own words: "OH MY GOD, THEY'RE AMAZING!! I AM SPEECHLESS! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

I have no doubt her partner was equally blown away.  Do you have a special occasion coming up, or is this something you've always just wanted to do for yourself?  Either way... get in touch and we can start planning your dream shoot together and you too can feel like a goddess!

Brisbane Boudoir Photography ~ Miss I

This gorgeous woman owned every minute of her boudoir shoot.  Her session was planned as a gift for her partner on their wedding day, but as you can tell... they are just as much a celebration of her body and reminder for herself, that she is a GODDESS!

Next time you jump out of the shower, look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate your beautiful body for what it is.  Let’s appreciate our lumps and bumps that make us unique.  Today... say three things you love about yourself to yourself, and start your day off on a positive note <3

For anyone else wanting to start their self-love journey with a boudoir shoot... please get in touch and we can start planning your dream shoot!

Brisbane Boudoir Photographer ~ Miss V

My gorgeous client came in to celebrate her 50th birthday with a boudoir photo shoot.  How incredible does she look!

After her boudoir shoot, I asked her how she felt about the whole experience.  She said: "It’s so exciting to see myself in this light, something I never would have done before and so so glad I did."

Isn't it time you took a leap and did something just for you again... Email me at or click on the contact page to get started :)