Brisbane Family Photographer ~ 10 mins with my kids

Yesterday afternoon on the way home from school, Zoe asked if we could go take some photos.  I figured, if she's asking me, I'd better run with it.  So we got home, changed and packed up as fast as we could before she changed her mind.  And of course wherever Zoe goes, Cohen wants to go too.  I knew once we got there I would only have a few minutes before they were restless and over it; they are 5 and 3 after all.  There were tears before we even started when Zoe got a big green ant bite on her foot walking up the hill.  But she was the consummate professional and put on a brave face.So... in 10 minutes (6 minutes together and 2 minutes each), I managed to get 134 beautiful shots of my babies.  I know some of you are going to say... 10 minutes... yeah right... So here is the time capture on the first and last image...


While I could have sat there for days editing these images to perfection, I really don't think they need it.  So all I've done is a simple black and white conversion (I was in a B&W mood).  I've managed to narrow it down to fifty to share here.  This pretty much represents them to a tee.  Zoe is pretty outgoing, thinks she is funniest kid in the world, and will crack herself up about absolutely nothing.  Her smile is infectious.  Cohen is a much more quiet, reserved and sensitive kid.  But he is such a cheeky little monkey.

I'm so glad I did this, and I'll make sure I set aside 10 minutes for shooting my kids more often :)