Brisbane Boudoir Photographer ~ Miss A

“I am incredibly happy and impressed with the service and care that Steph had for me and my shoot. My photos are AMAZING! I have never felt so sexy & for anyone that is considering doing a shoot.. don’t consider it… DO IT! As a women it’s so important to have self love & leaving this shoot, the love that you feel for yourself and your body is completely empowering! I felt very comfortable, the shooting area was beautiful and very classy. Steph is extremely passionate and that shined through every minute of my time with her. I have no doubt that I will be shooting with her again and I will definitely be referring everyone I know to her. Thank you for your professional service Steph x”

Sometimes we don’t see ourselves the way everyone else sees us. Sometimes we look in the mirror and only see our flaws. Sometimes we don’t realize the impact our thoughts have on our self confidence. Being kind to yourself isn’t just a cute quote. It’s something you can, and really need to practice every single day. I know it’s hard when you look in the mirror. That’s why I shoot boudoir photography. It’s an experience is that not only uplifts you during your shoot, but you also get to take home images and beautiful products that remind you everyday just what you are capable of!