Brisbane Boudoir Photographer ~ Miss R

“Where do I start? Steph and I have known each other for many years, and I had always intended to do a photoshoot, I even enquired about a maternity shoot at one stage (which was MANY years ago now!). It’s amazing how life changes, and with it our body and perceptions of beauty change with it. I felt comfortable from the start, not because we know each other, but despite the many years and changes, we had grown, and the environment meant there was no reason to have any fears. I felt like a queen as I sat down with my champagne to have my hair and make up done. We giggled and chatted, I wore one of the gorgeous gowns. As we started the shoot I just grew more confident and we tried lots of different poses and we chatted throughout, by the end I was walking around feeling like a total goddess. The presumption that I was doing this for my husband and not me was a common question (of course he reaped the rewards!) but this was for me. To celebrate my hard work, my changes, my growth. I look forward to being able to order an album and prints eventually, because they look absolutely glorious! I loved every second of my shoot, and felt like I was walking on air for days and weeks afterwards. It’s pretty special that we can celebrate in this way, and admire the beauty that is being a woman. Thank you XX”