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I often receive emails from client's leading up their session, having a minor freak out. Wondering if they can go through with it, if they can really put themselves out there, if they will look as beautiful as “all of the women I see on your website and facebook.”

I always reassure them that it would be weird if they weren't slightly nervous about getting undressed in front of a complete stranger.  Nerves are a completely normal thing and acknowledge of that is important!  I always say that the reason we call this an “experience” is because one of the most empowering parts isn't necessarily the photos at the end, but from you taking that risk, putting yourself out there and showing up.  

Once you arrive for your shoot, we look after you!  All you have to do is sit back, be pampered, and take direction as I explain everything from where to put your toes, to your fingers, to your chin to your eyelashes, down to coaching your breath for a relaxed and sensual vibe…it really isn’t scary at all.  The scary part is just showing up!

You will walk out of the studio feeling like a different person.  Happy, loving yourself, and loving your body!  What have you got to lose?  Contact me now to book in for your own empowering experience!

Wardrobe Tips for your Boudoir Shoot!

All women are beautiful! Curves, no curves, all shapes, all sizes, are beautiful. I often get questions from clients saying "I'm curvy, so what should I wear?" or "I have no butt!".  Here's a few tips based on the most common concerns I get from women and how to enhance those features with wardrobe.
Curvy bodies - BRING ON THE FORM-FITTING ITEMS! I adore bodysuits, tight dresses, and nothing at all…. especially for voluptuous bombshells. We often see curvy women trying to cover up more, but often that has the opposite effect they think it will. Allowing me to pose you so that we can see your figure and celebrate it is the way to go! Also items like denim/leather jackets, white/chambray button up shirts, lace robes always look flattering as well.

Flat-butts – My key to all great butt shots: G-strings (or g-string cuts on bodysuits)! These tend to make a butt look fuller than full-coverage bottoms. Play around in the mirror with different styles to see what you like best. And don't worry, I'm a pro at creating curves in posing where there aren't any otherwise. I guarantee you that every client will walk away with great butt shots… PROMISE!

Shorter legs - High heels with a THIN heel rather than chunky can help if we’re doing full body shots! Also avoid dark thick stockings.  Go for something with a lighter denier.  Also choose outfits that have a high cut.  The higher the cut, the longer your legs will look. 

Thin/no curves -  That’s all in the posing! Form fitting options and nothing at all work great as I pose the heck out of you to make you look and feel like a goddess.

Small chest – Underwires, lacy bralets and balconettes are lovely, as well as NO BRA AT ALL!  And also, small boobs rock. So please don't feel the NEED to create extra "oomph" unless it's something that really concerns you.

"Mum boobs" - If your breasts are a bit lower or “saggier” than you’d like them to be, just be sure to bring a bra with some support, or form fitting bodysuits that will keep them at bay. No need for push-ups or chicken cutlets, either. It’s best to keep clothing form-fitting if you’re ultra voluptuous to show off those curves! Posing will play a huge role here, and I’m really good at that. So…bring your mom boobs my way and we’ll embrace the hell out of them!
Surgery scars and stretch marks - My personal believe is that scars tell a story. Sometimes clients wish they didn’t have to be permanently reminded of that story, and other times, clients embrace their scars and say they’re a part of them. For this reason, I will never edit out a scar or stretch mark unless a client specifically requests it….and if they do request that retouching, I will happily do that at no additional charge. This is a VERY personal topic and it’s not my decision to make. I welcome scars and stretch marks, but I also support a woman’s decision to conceal them if they would like!

clothes 1.jpg


Now that we know what brings out your inner sexy self we can discuss your theme. Theme is, but not limited to the following questions:
Are these pictures for you or someone special? Is their a special occasion involved? Are you looking to capture sweet and girly? Classic? Ultra sexy and seductive? Conversely, if you tend to be more conservative in your everyday life, but there is a fierce and fiery seductress aching to come out, now would be the perfect time to play with embodying this role. Maybe you are looking to capture a few different sides of yourself. Something sweet, AND something sexy. Having a theme will help mainstream the process, give you some direction and a little peace of mind. There are so many ‘looks’ in boudoir photography and it’s easy to get caught up in wanting a little bit of everything, but that would make for a chaotic day. Once you know what your end goal is you can relax into the experience a little bit more.


This step is so important. What is YOUR style?  Exploring this question is key to finding out what makes you feel the most comfortable, and ultimately most confident in your photos. If you are not comfortable in an ultra strappy Honey Birdette set, you certainly do not want to try and strike a pose in front of the camera wearing one. Do you love lace? Push Ups? More or less coverage? Thongs vs bikini’s? Trying on different styles AND silhouettes will give you time to take yourself in, and see your body dressed in something besides your normal everyday bra and underwear.

Chances are, you don’t wear bodysuits or suspenders and stocking very often. Being able to take the time to dress your body and see what works/doesn’t work will give you all the more confidence in front of the camera. If you’re anything like most women, you will be shocked at how sexy you feel in styles that you would have never considered before. This is where the fun starts happening.  You start seeing yourself in a different light, which is the point of all of this, right? To reveal the inner you…

Here are some great items to think about that usually work well for most women:  

  • White tank top   

  • Oversized sweater / Tshirt

  • Ripped jeans

  • G-string

  • Full lingerie set

  • Body chain / chain bra

  • Lace robe

  • Veil (if you're getting married)

  • Bodysuit

  • Button up shirt

  • Denim / leather / fur jacket

  • Sheets

  • Nothing at all

Sometimes people need to see things visually to be inspired for a look.  Have a look through my Pinterest board here which is full of thousands of ideas for not only outfits, but poses for your boudoir shoot…  start getting inspired and have fun choosing your looks for your boudoir shoot!

clothes 2.jpg

THE NUMBER ONE WARDROBE RULE IS: Do NOT bring outfits that you don't love! I can't tell you how many women show up with outfits that prompt them to say "I really don't like the way I look in this one, but I'll leave it up to you!". If you don't like the outfit, it's likely that you won't like photos of you in the outfit. Leave it at home!

Lingerie is NOT a must! Especially complete lingerie sets. Don't be afraid to get creative! For a boudoir style shoot, fishnets would go great with a cropped shirt or jumper. A gorgeous bra can be paired with mismatched bottoms, or no bottoms at all. A sheet can be used for everything. This is about YOU and your authentic personality, not about being someone you aren’t.

When in doubt, just bring in some of your favourite wardrobe items and let me style them for you.  Structured pieces and solids look great on camera as well as items with texture, and those that are form fitting to show your figure. I generally say try to avoid anything with a bold pattern that can be distracting, and date over time.  Try to incorporate a variety of pieces into your wardrobe selections.  Having 3 different black underwear sets won't allow for a whole lot of variety in your photos. Rather, mis things up, have something casual, something super fun, something more risqué, to something black and sleek... you get the idea!

If you want to chat more with me, just click on the button below. I would love to hear from you.  Let’s start planning your dream shoot!

Brisbane Boudoir Photography ~ Miss S

“I don’t mind being burdened with being glamourous and sexual.  Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived.  And glamour, although the manufacturers won’t like this, cannot be manufactured.  Not real glamour, it’s based on femininity.” ~ Marilyn Monroe.

This is your time to shine… what’s holding you back? Take the first step now and get in touch, so we can start planning your dream photo shoot :)