Brisbane Boudoir Photography ~ Couples Boudoir

“Some of my favourite seconds on earth, are the seconds filled with my lips spilled upon your collarbone, and my hair nestled into your fist.” ~ Christopher Poindexter.

Recently more and more clients have been bringing their partners along for their boudoir shoot.  You can choose to do your entire shoot together, or just invite your partner along for the end of your shoot to capture a few intimate images together.  Which I think it's a really lovely way to end your session.

I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting this beautiful couple's boudoir session last month. They came in for their shoot, the day after their wedding, before the jetted off for their honeymoon... and it was amazing! Their energy and love for each other was radiating. 

"My partner and I had a shoot with Steph to kick off our honeymoon and it was the best idea! We had so much fun and then I had amazing hair and makeup for the flight! Thanks so much Steph!"

Couples boudoir photography is a perfect way to celebrate your relationship or reignite a spark... get in touch now to enquire and book your own shoot together!