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Are you ready to change your life?

It’s 2019 and feminine power is on the rise!  Women are becoming more liberated and empowered than ever before. So why not celebrate your womanhood and book a boudoir shoot… it may just change your life!

I’ve heard all the excuses women make as for why they can’t do a boudoir shoot. I bet if I asked a lot of women they would say saying something like… “I need to lose weight first”, “I’m not sexy enough”, “I don’t have any lingerie”, “I’m not young enough to do that”, or “I’m not <insert insecurity here> enough.”  Whatever it may be, I can tell you now that all of those excuses are bullshit!

Women have a great habit of mentally beating themselves up, and using negative words to describe themselves.  I know I’m guilty of this at times too.  But trust me when I say, this boudoir shoot experience has the ability to change how you see yourself and how you carry yourself every day.  I’ve seen the changes in women first hand.  Booking a boudoir shoot an investment in you… over and above the images!

 I understand that having a professional photograph taken can be a little nerve wracking, especially boudoir photos. But take a deep breath and relax… because you will be well looked after. I’ve been creating beautiful boudoir imagery for hundreds of women for over 8 years, so your investment in my services extends way beyond the click of a button. From start to finish you’ll receive a professional, seamless experience that’s easy and enjoyable.  So rest assured that you’re in excellent hands!

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I know women well enough though to be realistic. I understand many of you struggle with self-love, no matter how much anyone insists on your beauty. You’re still going to want to lose a few more kilos before the session right? For THOSE women, I can assure you, this isn’t my first rodeo! The majority of women who come in to see me are working on loving themselves, but struggle. There’s usually something the wish they could change... the size of their thighs, their tummy, their stretch marks, etc... I take women’s feelings very seriously and specialise in making everyone feel MORE than comfortable.

It’s remarkable the number of women I hear say “I can’t be sexy”. The truth is they couldn’t be more wrong. Women are naturally sexy, full stop – and I can prove it. You don’t need to know how to pose, or be a model to do a boudoir shoot. I will coach and guide you into poses that highlight your natural beauty, and show off your best assets. Take this moment to step into your femininity!   I’ve spent the last 8 years photographing all kinds of women, all remarkable in their own way. I’ve mastered my craft to ensure that I am highlighting the attributes that women love most about themselves, whilst downplaying any areas of concern.

The majority of the women that I shoot come in quite nervous and have never been in front of a camera before. That’s completely normal!  What I promise is that we will make sure you have a great day, relax quickly, and most of all have fun. You will leave feeling gorgeous and fantastic - that’s a promise. So I’d encourage you to plan a special afternoon or night afterwards to go celebrate your new found confidence!



Do you have to get nude during the shoot?  The answer of course is no.  But I will strongly encourage it at the end of your shoot.  Why?  Because it is completely invigorating, empowering and totally fine to love your naked body!  You will be so comfortable by this stage of the shoot; you will forget you are naked in front of a stranger. Or better yet… you won’t care!  We’re all women, and my focus will be on posing you, working with the light, and capturing your body in the most flattering ways possible (don’t worry, all your lady bits will be strategically hidden).  Fine art-nude shots are so effortlessly beautiful and timeless and quite often, the favourite images from a client’s shoot. These types of shots are amazing for women of any shape or size, and the finished images are so classy you will want to have them on display on your walls!

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How often do we, as women and mums, take time to pamper ourselves?  If you’re anything like me, very rarely.  Use this experience as an opportunity to not only be pampered by a professional hair and makeup artist on the day of your shoot, but also to practice some more self love exercises… have your nails done, get a facial, get a fake tan, go shopping and buy some new lingerie.  You deserve it!

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Sorry to burst the bubble, but doing a boudoir shoot is NOT about a man!  Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing a boudoir shoot for your partner, but how liberating and beautiful would it be if you did it for YOURSELF only?

We spend so much time focused on our careers, our families, our Facebook status... we don't take the time to actually take care of ourselves. Take a day to get pampered by a professional stylist… have an empowering photo shoot… then enjoy a stunning a collection of photos, that you can look at as often as you want! Reminding yourself just how AMAZING you are … might just be what you need right now. And remember - It's not selfish to treat yourself once in a while. It's necessary.

Reinvigorate yourself as a woman.  See yourself through someone else’s eyes. Ooze confidence, strength, and passion. You can do this… just like some of these beautiful women before you…

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After having kids, your body is never quite the same as it was when you were 20 years old. The shape of your body has changed and shifted, and as women we often get critical of ourselves. But why shouldn’t we love and appreciate our bodies for what they are now and what they have accomplished?!  Now you have more curves… and you know what? That’s actually sexy and feminine as hell!  The longer you have lived, the more you have to celebrate – your body, your achievements, your perfect imperfections, and motherhood!

I can empathise with how all the mum’s feel about their bodies, after watching my own go through many ups and downs over the last decade - two pregnancies and two kids later. I see women walk into my studio every week, each with their own different body challenges.  And the absolute truth is… each and every one of them has overcome their insecurities, trusted me to capture their beauty, and walked away with an incredible self-esteem boost and beautiful images to match!

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A lot of women book boudoir shoots with me based on referrals from their friends and family. If you choose to share images from your boudoir experience with other women, you may just be THE inspiration they need to book a shoot. Anxiety and doubt keep so many of us from doing something we always wanted to do.  The more we see women empowering themselves, the more the circle of liberation will continue!

Whether you’re a mum or not, whether you think you need to lose weight, whether you think you’re too old for this, or that your body isn’t as perfect as it once was… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. A boudoir shoot experience will bring out a side in you that was there all along. It’s the first step towards regaining your confidence… 


What can I promise and deliver to you from years of experience as a professional boudoir photographer?



I include beautiful high-end retouching on all my digital images and do not outsource any of my editing work.  You can rest assured that each and every one of your images will be individually hand crafted by me! I strongly believe in quality over quantity, so will ensure every one of your images is exquisitely edited and worthy of display. Some of my images don’t exist straight out of camera, and my attention to detail is what sets me apart from other photographers.  This is your opportunity to have a little bit of magic created just for you!

I always consider what’s important to you and deliver a quality service with the attention to detail you deserve.  As a valued client, you will be invited to join my VIP referral and loyalty program.  You will also receive 24/7 Client Portal Access, a private online gallery, fast email support, and access to the highest quality products from professional print labs around the world!

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Boudoir photography has a way of putting you in touch with your personal power. There is something deeply empowering about working with an artist who has been liberating women, in a safe, welcoming, and judgement free environment for almost a decade.  THS IS WHAT I LOVE DOING… and I am confident and excited to capture and showcase your beauty!

One of the things you will notice straight away when you arrive for your shoot is how relaxed, warm and inviting my team and I are.  My professional team of hair & makeup artists and I are here to give YOU the best experience possible.  This is YOUR DAY and we want the focus to be on pampering you - allowing you to live out your photo shoot dreams! My custom designed studio is luxuriously furnished and has a wide variety of options to suit your tastes.

Yes… this shoot is about YOU and how YOU want to be captured.  I will plan and tailor each shoot to align with your vision, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your time and shoot. 

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So what are you waiting for… take the leap… you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

Let’s get you started on this self-love journey and boudoir shoot experience!

Brisbane Boudoir Photography ~ Miss J

“WOW!  Shooting with Steph was such an amazing experience from the moment I walked in the door, to the moment I walked out!!! As a female over the years I’ve learnt how to feel comfortable and appreciate my body so leading up to the day of the shoot just felt normal until shoot day arrived and my nerves started to kick in – which might I add is completely normal!

"What will I look like – will I look silly? OMG am I about to really do this – get naked and show all of me. Am I crazy." Thinking back on it now since my shoot feels a bit silly but my inner mean girl was at her all time high as I drove to the shoot that morning. But the moment I walked in the door Steph completely eased all nervousness and made me feel completely at home in my own body.

It was the all-time treat and self love acceptance experiment, along with learning to completely trust in the process. From the fun, calming music playing in the background to help you build your confidence to Steph’s easy going nature, everything made me feel completely at home – like being at home at a friends house. Make up started, we laughed, we talked and before I new it we began shooting.

Nothing went untouched or unnoticed and Steph’s attention to detail is unbelievable. As I dressed in my first outfit I wasn’t quite sure how I’d pose, cause to be honest I didn’t practice one bit, but Steph truly prepares for everything. On hand she had picture examples of expressions and she literally places you in every position from how your hair sits on the bed, to how your hand rests over your legs, right down to your toenails.  The tiny details make the world of difference I felt completely supported and felt right there, at home in my own body.

The shoot itself wizzed by and was SOOOOO much fun. From starting to feel nervous on arrival to leaving on a complete high – the ain’t no one going to stop me kind of confidence was beaming from every inch of me and for the first time in my life I honestly felt sexy, confident and courageously unstoppable.

Shooting with Steph is a boudoir experience for any girl of any size - it’s an unforgettable and life changing experience.  You’ll never feel the same after your shoot in your own body, and if you’re looking to boost your confidence, become comfortable in your own skin and truly embrace self love and acceptance, then a boudoir experience is for you.

I loved this shoot with Steph, and already looking forward to my next shoot high! Hope you enjoy these images and your shoot experience with her too!”

J xx

So beautifully expressed in her own words. I would love to be able to give you the same experience she had during her boudoir shoot. Feel free to email me or contact me here to start the chat :)

Brisbane Boudoir Photographer ~ Miss A

“Many years ago, I met Stephanie through a mutual photography friend. Stephanie exuded class, style, sophistication and confidence, whilst being humble and down to earth. From that night I started following Stephanie’s Instagram page. I loved what Stephanie was trying to achieve and really valued that finally a female photographer was celebrating women’s bodies and showing them in their most stunning form.

When I was granted the opportunity to become one of Stephanie’s Brand Ambassadors, I jumped at the chance. I had been thinking about doing a shoot with her for a while, but being a busy business owner, mother and wife, life just got in the way. When Stephanie asked me why I wanted to be shot by her, my first answer was because I needed to remember that I wasn’t just a baby maker, but first a foremost, a woman.

So the date was set and I started thinking about how I wanted my images to look. I loved that Stephanie asked questions to gage my ideas, my thoughts and feelings around the shoot. This made me feel super comfortable and in control. It also gave me a focus and look in mind for when I went shopping for the outfits I wanted to wear.

As time got closer, I started to become nervous and worried that I wouldn’t look nice - would I look like Celeste Barber (who is amazing by the way) in the sense that I would look ridiculous and wouldn’t know what to do. But I just kept reminding myself on the end goal and that Stephanie was amazingly talented.

The day arrived and I was feeling nervous, excited, interested and a little scared, but then Stephanie answered the door, and everything just fell into place. Stephanie has an amazing skill of making you feel special (giving me some champagne on arrival was the perfect touch), and she also made me feel like a star. She talked me through the whole process, from start to finish, and showed me the different looks and spaces we would be using. She then introduced me to the Makeup and Hair Artist that would be creating my look for the shoot. She was lovely and super talented. I felt amazing and just like a model. It was beyond anything I could have imagined.

Stephanie was encouraging throughout the whole experience, verbally telling me that I was killing it, and most importantly, positioning my body in the most flattering way. She told me what to wear and how to look at the camera. I felt completely at ease, and by the end, I felt able to be completely naked in front of her. What a liberating, invigorating, and encouraging experience - one that I will never forget! When I received my images, I was blown away. Not only did I look beautiful, but it was me - nothing forced or fake. It was such an incredible reminder of who I am, stripped back in all its beauty.

Thank you Stephanie for reminding me that I am beautiful, even if my body has changed. Thank you for giving me the courage to take some time out just for me, to be pampered and made to feel like a Queen! Women don’t treat themselves enough, if at all, and this is the perfect way to get back in touch with yourself.

On a side note, it also forced me to buy some new lingerie (something I hadn’t done since having children) - I love my new pieces!"