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Brisbane Boudoir Photographer ~ Miss L

“And in that moment, life was perfect. Not the kind of perfect where nothing is wrong, but the kind of perfect where the wrongs don’t matter.”

Take a day. Take a day just for you. Pamper yourself. Feel like the old you again. Regain that feminine strength and power. Find out just how much a boudoir shoot can do for your self confidence!

TASMANIA ~ A personal project

Last month I was on holidays in Tasmania, and I asked my boyfriend if he would take a stroll around Binalong Bay with me one afternoon and capture some bodyscape images of me. Unfortunately the windy weather conditions and cliffs prevented me from taking self portraits this day… I couldn’t risk my camera being blown away into the water! And let me just say it was freezing (I think 3 degrees that day)… but I’m so glad we did this and were able to capture some of the incredible landscape and scenery there.

I loved the images so much, that I had them printed into this exquisite 11x14” handcrafted fine art leather album. I’ve taken a few photos and video below to show you some of the images. Printing your most treasured images is so important. Make sure you have beautiful art pieces and memories that you can hand down through generations!

Tasmania ALBUM.jpg
A showcase of this beautiful 11x14" fine art album, handcrafted in the finest leather.