Top excuses for not booking a boudoir shoot

As a boudoir photographer I often hear a lot of justifications from women about their body, their mindset, their lives as to why they must wait to do a boudoir shoot. It can be as simple as they have been wanting to lose weight, or they just had a child and they are not feeling like their body is sexy.

We all make these sort of excuses and justifications for waiting to do something that we are uncomfortable with. It’s a natural of a reaction. So I'm going to share with you some tips for getting yourself in the right mindset, confront these excuses, and get you ready to book your boudoir session!

Excuse #1.  I need to lose weight first.

Goals are great, but so is progress.  This isn’t the only goal that may prevent you (in your head) from doing a boudoir shoot. But this is a common one.  I’m not trying to discourage you from committing to a weight loss journey if it is for your health and emotional well-being, however, you DON’T need to lose weight to look good in your photographs! Photography doesn’t require a weigh-in!!

I believe that every woman is beautiful as she is right now, and I know how to pose you and use light to enhance your best features. My team of professional hair and makeup artists will also provide you with the extra confidence boost to feel absolutely glamourous!

Let’s say you are working out, toning up, and want to get to a target weight of XX kgs. This is a perfectly fine goal for yourself and your body. But to truly practice self-love, you should also be focused on loving your body as it is from day to day, not always focusing on some distant goal down the road. Let me help you see yourself as the beautiful, gorgeous, sexy person that you are right now – and then down the track when you do eventually hit your goal, you can appreciate your new look even more, and have another boudoir shoot to done to show off the progress you have made for yourself and your body.


Excuse #2.  What will other people think?

Stop worrying about other people and their thoughts, focus on you.  It is easy to think about how other people would react when having a look at your boudoir session images. This makes it easy to get self critical of your own body and appearance, but I am here to let you in on a little secret. Chances are that no one will even see or recognise these images of yours, unless you specifically show them or give me permission to share them. So really, the only person that you need to be concerned with is yourself.  And guess what, regardless of how you feel about yourself in this moment, a boudoir shoot with me will help you see yourself in a way you probably have not seen yourself before.  Since you control the sharing, what have you got to lose?


Excuse #3. I’m too old

Are you too old to feel special, appreciated or beautiful?  You get to choose to embrace who you are throughout life’s many beautiful stages.  You may not be that same girl as you were in your early 20’s but now you’re even better…you’re a woman.  A strong, beautiful, independent woman.

I have photographed women from 18 to 60+. While you may think young women add a certain appeal to boudoir photography, the most stunning photographs are often of women with life experience. You can see it in their eyes and their gestures. It’s real—not something learned from social media. And in my opinion, the women who most appreciate the celebration of their strength and beauty are the older ones.  “Oh my goodness! Look at me! I’m beautiful!!

The more years you've lived, the more you have to celebrate! There is a certain sensuality and confidence that comes only with age, and even though you may not be as toned or taut as you once were - it honestly couldn't matter less.


Excuse #4. I can’t afford it

I won’t pretend to completely know your financial situation.  HOWEVER, I will say a couple of things.  Firstly, we can help make your dream photoshoot come true by setting up a payment plan for you.  Second, you can save for a photoshoot just like you would a girl’s night out, a vacation, or that designer handbag you really want!  A boudoir photo session is an investment in your self-confidence.  If you want a life-changing, unforgettable experience with quality images to cherish for a lifetime, you can have it!


Excuse #5.  I’m not very photogenic

The right photographer can take awesome photos of ANY woman no matter her shape, size or experience.  Posing and directing you throughout your entire shoot is a huge part of what I do, and is essential even in the images that appear “candid”.  Coaching you into the pose, allows you to relax and not worry if you’re doing it right.  You will know exactly what to do and how to do it.  I will make sure you don’t feel awkward in front of the camera.


Excuse #6.  I’m not married and I don’t have a partner

Boudoir is more for YOU than anyone else. Realizing your beauty is one of the most incredible things a woman can experience and having amazing images of yourself looking absolutely ravishing, is life changing.  Here is a quote from one of my clients that summarises things beautifully:

"Steph you are just lovely and easy to talk to, even though I am not the most talkative person. I didn't feel arkward being half naked, it was just like you knew exactly how to make my body look great in a photo and I trusted you. You're just a woman and I am too, and we all have the same but different body, and there really isn't anything to be embarrassed about. I realize that now. The experience was really easy and fun, you helped so much with guiding me how to pose! I look at my photos and think "Oh, thats what other people see, I do have a beautiful body." Any women considering doing a boudoir shoot, do it for yourself. I just think why not. I think it's so freeing. To get out of you head and your opinions of the way you look. See the way you look and realize how beautiful you really are!"

No matter who the photos are for, the experience is for you. The added gift is having the images to remind you of that experience, and remember that other part of who you are. The gift is also the experience of being pampered by a hair stylist and makeup artist. Being a supermodel for a day. And if later, you end up with someone you want to share the photos with, that’s awesome too.


 Excuse #7.   [ENTER YOUR OWN PERSONAL HANG-UP HERE]. Your fear and self-doubt can come up with endless reasons for you to not do anything outside your comfort zone. It's a biological response to anything we deem "scary". It's up to you to choose if you're going to be more loyal to your fears, or to yourself.


SO — what is your excuse for holding off on continuing your self-love journey with a sexy boudoir session? What can you do here in the new year of 2018 to get over that mental roadblock? 

It's time to celebrate you as you are RIGHT NOW! If you'd like to learn more about doing a boudoir shoot, get in touch now. I'd love to help bring out your inner goddess :)