Brisbane Boudoir Photographer ~ Miss A

“I loved my boudoir shoot with Steph.  I took up the offer for a glass of bubbles while I sat for hair and makeup, and left everything up to the pros!  It’s their priority and passion, to make you look your best.  Steph directed me through all the poses, made suggestions and worked with me to create magic!  I suggest offering some of your own ideas before the day of your shoot if you like, and Steph is more than happy to get those shots for you… as well as lots more!  I felt so comfortable, even in the nudie rudie!  The first glimpse of your shots is the best… you will be blown away!  I’ve ordered some prints that I will frame and an album, so I can flick through any time I want.  Thanks Steph x”

Loving yourself is the greatest revolution. Isn't it time you started that journey too? Get in touch now to start planning your own boudoir shoot experience and rediscover the woman you once were!

Brisbane Maternity Photography ~ Miss S

“I love you and your work, honestly you’re world class!  I couldn’t be happier with the images, I love them all.   I felt so terrible recently, and you’ve changed my view of myself.   Our bodies go through so many changes and I was very hesitant in getting photographed but I’m so glad I did. I’m so lucky that I have amazing and talented friends who have captured the emotions of how I feel about this amazing miracle.”

When clients come back to you time and time again over the years, we develop a strong friendship. I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this woman for the third time recently, and capturing these precious maternity photos for her.

For any expecting mums-to-be, make sure you document this amazing change in your body, so that you have beautiful memories to look back on. It’s incredible what our bodies are capable of as women, and after bub arrives, we soon forget everything about our pregnant bodies.

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Brisbane Boudoir Photography ~ Miss E

“We waste so many years of our life, waiting for things to change.  Don’t let another year go by, start today, embrace everything you are at this very moment.  Move towards your dreams with courage and determination.  Don’t let your fears keep you from doing what you’ve wanted any longer.”

Embrace today. Embrace who you are. Celebrate every achievement and milestone. Book your own boudoir shoot today and don’t hold back <3